Nisechain strives to create an easy-to-use, easy-to-use platform that serves as the main support for the transaction of cryptocurrency payments and smart contract management on the basis of practical applications. Nisechain's new platform allows you to exchange valuable coins like BTC / ETH / USDT ... with the fastest processing speed available today at no cost.
WHY Nisechain?
Simple operation of breakthrough technology
Blockchain helps the process of operation in many fields be transparent and public, cost-effectively participating customers. In the future our technology will create millions of utility units on one application.
Good rates make more profit
STO exchanges create higher profit values ​​at the same time as market transactions
Fast and safe liquidity
With a global network, we ensure that large volume transactions are always prioritized with the lowest fees.
The time of the lowest prices of BTC / ETH and STO
Allowing you to invest more with a rate of return that is more than deposited savings without having to spend a fortune on experts.
Guarantee of reputation
Nisechain is backed by major shareholders and the business is based on true foundational value and practical applicability.
Nisechain builds a virtual reality application virtual financial architecture that handles all connections on a decentralized DAPP platform in the near future until 2030, which will close the gap between traditional financial structure and integrated cryptocurrencies. Mostly, through the payment of purchases on continents, Nisechain sets out a legitimate plan to transact with central banks and provide credit authorization for governments to easily manage and copy the operation algorithm. Simple act of replacing paper invoices. Nisechain's payment service in the future is a mobile payment service based on blockchain platform but does not separate from major partners such as VISA, MASTERCARD to make payment payment more supported for the banking industry.
The STO token is issued on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20). Nisechain owns the STO token. The STO token plays an important role in our project. Investors, followers and Nisechain supporters will share the profits. STOs will be required for any partner that participates in the Nisechain Network worldwide including through Nisebank worldwide. STO is a reward to the community and allows users to enjoy the benefits of holding STO.
All STO tokens have a lock time to ensure the development of the project fairly for all investors.
Details of the locking rules can be found in Nise Finance Holdings Whitepaper
Token Allocation
With a mission to serve the health and healthcare industry, Nisechain creates analytical applications based on IoT, Big-Data, Blockchain, AI. Individualized healthcare solutions that help them seamlessly connect to essential services on the Blockchain platform make health checkups and payments simpler.
Nisechain Official Distributor
NISE FINANCE HOLDING - A leading reputable investment fund in the field of Cryptocurrencies, has raised 900,000BTC Through the E-Securities service and Stock and FOREX investment activities in the past 3 years, delivered liquidity transactions reached 1.8 billion USD, equivalent to 180,000BTC at the beginning of January 2020. NISE FINANCE HOLDINGS is owned by young billionaire Allex Deeraj HEREDIA whose father is Albert FRERE of Belgium.
Through the NISE FINANC HOLDINGS network, Nisechain has a mission to become the best service platform in the cryptocurrency trading market and deploy practical applications in e-commerce and online payment. gland, and health care.